Brand Strategy

The unskippable first step in launching any business. Give yourselves the maximum chace for success.

You have a big idea, and you want to put all your effort into making it reality. Brand Strategy is a key tool in giving shape, form and voice to your idea.

A strong brand is at least a thousand times more important than a pixel perfect website. A slick logo is useless if it’s not sending the right signals to the right people.

Brand strategy helps you direct your momentum, so you don’t find yourself a million miles in the wrong direction. We know you’re eagerly crouched with an atomic bomb’s worth of energy, but take a little time to organise it before you let run.

Working out a look, feel and voice for your brand can be a daunting process. Core Discovery, the framework our brand strategy is based on, makes this process enjoyable.

It also guarantees a brand rooted in your values, that will speak directly to your customers in their own language, and is proudly unique.

Brand strategy is done to avoid a few easy-to-make mistakes. 

1. The impulse when starting a business is to look at what other people are doing and do something similar. Businesses that start like this are forever limited by this mistake. Customers will fail to see what makes them different or special.

2. Another common mistake, but perhaps the opposite, is to create a unique brand that reflects the founder’s taste and assumes that the customers share the same. It’s often overdone and alienating to many potential customers.

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