We are empathetic. We recognise the humanity and underlying goodness of all people, regardless of their lifestyles.

We are positive. We seek uplifting of all people everywhere, but not by ignoring hard truths.

We seek to heal and unite. We’ll never use polarising strategies to raise one group at the expense of another.


To energise and motivate as many companies as possible.

We want to work with people who have a better vision for humanity, who also think people, animals and our environment deserve much better.

Governments aren’t doing it. Business needs to make change.


Keeping things running is not a motivating cause for us. Our reason for this work and learning is loftier.

We want people everywhere to thrive, not just survive. We want to make life easier, not only with technology, but by reducing the strain we put on the physical basis of our economies; to bring back forests, rivers and rain.

We want a world where humanity thinks beyond itself. We want health and happiness for all, extending this wish to the animals and plants with whom we share everything around us.


Fox and Possum is the baby of Alistair Dark, a Brisbane-based brand strategist.

Alistair and Jimmy – technically both foxes.

Alistair started his journey as a web designer, helping small businesses get up and running. He soon realised that most businesses did not pause to dive into their and their customers’ motivations, and that this was reducing the effectiveness of his sites, not to mention increasing the length and cost of projects. At this stags – he didn’t yet know the thing that was missing was a ‘brand,’ and went on a bit of a quest to find a solution to this problem.

This involved studying Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive and Visual Communication, which touched on design thinking and was great for design methodology, but didn’t really convince Alistair that there was a solution to this problem.

It wasn’t until a few years after graduating that Alistair stumbled across the Futur on Youtube, and he quickly realised the missing link had been found. He studied with the Futur for six months, practiced their Core Discovery brand strategy workshopping, and design techniques such as stylescapes, and realised that his journey had brought him full circle and he was now fully empowered to help companies change the world.

This is what Fox and Possum is about.