Here are some websites I visit to learn what’s going on in the world, and which often inspire ideas for marketing and branding in the plant-based sphere. Looking at topics from different perspectives is helpful – having empathy is crucial to branding. Meat industry publications contain some great research and shed light on alternative perspectives, ultimately helping to craft better messages for plant-based brands.

The unbiased point of view

The FoodNavigator website has a lot of interesting information related to both meat and plant-based topics, and is completely neutral in tone. Because it doesn’t ‘pick sides’ (much) the information feels very relevant and representative of broader concerns. Here’s their meat category, and you can search for plant-based or vegan once inside as there are no categories for those.

The meat industry point of view

Beef Central is an industry blog, based in Australia, that is very revealing. It’s an insiders perspective on what livestock producers are thinking in modern times. Jump straight to their “vegan” search results.

The vegan’s point of view is a very vegan news resource, obviously, and while it won’t provide that many strategic insights due to the inherent perspective bias, it’s probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date news service for news of the topic.

Ultimately, it’s good to keep a level head when marketing plant-based products, and to stay out of the echo chamber. In most cases, the people who need these products most are not vegans yet. Also, most companies will need to reach beyond the ‘vegan’ market to justify the investment.

The days of veganism being an exclusive club are ending or over. This is something everyone needs to get into, and most people won’t be able to do it all at once.