Myth - Plant Based Brand Strategy

Building brands to belive in.

Working with world-changing businesses to help everyday people accept their calling and slay some monsters. 

The best brands turn customers into heroes.

They don’t just link people with the services and products they need, they empower them with transformative ideas that help them fulfil their destiny. This is Myth. 

We’re a small team of strategic creatives who like you, are looking for work that means something. This time is crucial for our world. Our brands help people believe in you, so you can help them change the world.

But we’re here for your commercial success as much as anything else, because it all hinges on that.


Most businesses focus only on things the customer will see, and ignore their connections to their customers. They struggle to build deeper relationships with the market, the kind that make or break a business over time. 

How it works

You own it. Brand strategy should never be outsourced: no one knows you better than you. Rediscover your reasons and get back on track with this transformative team building exercise.

It’s more facilitation than a service. We make sure the whole team owns it, so that when we’re done, everyone feels invested, and knows they have a hand in the success.

We take the results from our workshop and develop style and messaging guidelines you can use forever. Give those guidelines to your web designers, copywriters, marketers, for better, faster work and less revisions.

 After strategy, we can help with: